3 Ways People are Using Voice Broadcasting to Support Their Business during This Lock-down

What Is a Voice Broadcasting Service?

Voice broadcasting is a tool that allows you to send recorded voice messages to multiple numbers easily and simultaneously. The sender can record messages in advance and use a centralized interface to send them all from a phone number.

Voice Broadcastring

Top 3 of the many common ways to support your business by use of Voice Broadcasting Services

1. Promotions and Special Deals

Voice broadcasting can be used to broadcast information about your company to current and future customers and provide them with coupons, discounts, or other benefits, which will encourage them to use your services by sitting at home 

2. Appointment Reminders and Updates

This is a common use for voice broadcasting among Gym, Spa, saloon, medical offices, and other companies that provide plumbing and other on-site services.

The company can remind a customer or client about the service they have scheduled, ensuring that no one forgets about the work they had pending before lock-down.

3. Costumers with No Internet:

Many of us are stranded in the natives with no active internet, connect your products or services to them who do not have internet access, voice broadcasting technology helps you reach out in multiple languages.

Why one should use Voice Broadcasting over other methods of promotion during this crisis

Compared to other methods Voice broadcasting is:

Affordable. Voice Broadcasting services like Sarv or CellCommNext allow sending hundreds or even thousands of calls to be placed for a low fee with excellent results.

Convenient. You can simply use Text to Speech interface to create, schedule, and make automated phone calls – without ever having to speak to anyone yourself.

Flexible and Customizable. You can easily create a set of people and send personalized messages to everyone as well. You can send them at any time, and they can include any information that can be conveyed via audio.

Not Time Sensitive. Not only voice broadcasting allows you to reach potential customers when they pick up their phone, but you can also leave a message on their voicemail, ensuring that they hear your message even if they aren’t free when you call.

Voice broadcasting service providers in India allows you to send out thousands of messages at once.

Choosing a reliable service provider is very important as this ensures that your message reaches everyone who needs to hear it as soon as possible. CellCommNext is one of the leading service providers in India, they also compile and analyze response rates and other information about your costumer’s reception to the call.

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